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Requiem is a mod aiming at revamping Minecraft’s death system and the gameplay surrounding it.
In the base game, death presents itself as the simple threat of losing your items, setting you back proportionally to how much stuff you carried.

With this mod installed however, every player can choose an alternate path where death leads to a completely different gameplay sequence where they play as an actual ghost with the goal of finding a replacement body. Further down the line, players can learn to harness their otherworldly powers, perfecting the dark art of body possession, and unlocking special tech to assist them.


Removed content

The following pages describe content that no longer exists:

Mod Interactions

  • Origins:
    • when installed, the choice between mortal and demon is done through the Origins selection screen instead of through a dialogue at first death
    • when outside of a regular player body, origin powers are all disabled
  • Eldritch Mobs:
    • Eldritch mobs cannot be possessed
  • Golems Galore:
    • All modded golems can be possessed by default
  • Better Nether:
    • Jungle skeletons can be possessed by default

Known Incompatibilities

  • First Person Mod: Makes the possessed mob appear in first person, blocking the sight.
  • Optifine/Optifabric: Incompatible with Requiem.