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Charter is a Minecraft fabric mod allowing for a more dynamic faction and claiming system without breaking the game immersion.

Rework Note

Contract Contract

Contracts are the starting point of Charter. Signing them links your soul to the contract which can be used in various ways later on.

Contracts are crafted using 2 Leather, 2 Paper, 1 Wither Rose or Wither Skeleton Skull and 1 Soul Sand or Soul Soil.

Contract Recipe

Merchant's Crest Merchant’s Crest

A mysterious item, found in treasure bastions, that allows you to teleport to another player and granting you a short burst of invisibility by using it with a signed contract in your other hand. Use it again to warp back to your original position.

Eternal Pact Eternal Pact Eternal Debt

The Eternal Pact renders, at a cost, all players you hold the contract of immortal.

The affected players will not be able to die but are applied the Eternal Debt effect, blinding them and decreasing mining speed, progressively increasing in severity as the victims lose health. Additionally, contact with water will inflict the wither effect on them, further increasing the strength of the debuffs as they are taking damage.

Eternal Pact Recipe

Pact Vessel Pact Vessel

The Pact Vessel allows to use the link between a contract and the person signing it in a more constant way than the Merchant’s Crest, adding the connected player to a charter once placed in its range or, if activated by placing a soul fire source (soul fire, soul lantern, soul torch or soul campfire) 2 blocks under the Pact Vessel, applies the Soul Strain effect to the victim. It can also be used with the Soul Swapper in order to swap bodies with another player.

The Pact Vessel can be crafted using 4 Iron Ingots, 3 Deepslate Tiles and 1 Chiseled Deepslate as frame with 1 Soul Sand or Soul Soil block in the middle.

Pact Vessel applying Soul Strain

Soul Strain Soul Strain

Soul Strain is a new status effect meant to punish the player by doubling damage taken and turning all damage to magic damage, bypassing armor.

Soul Strain

Soul Swapper Soul Swapper

The Soul Swapper swaps the 2 blocks on either end of it on redstone input, emitting light once activated. If the 2 blocks are Pact Vessels holding Contracts, the 2 corresponding players will switch bodies, changing positions and skins.

Soul Swappers can be made using 4 Iron Ingots and 2 Iron Bars for the sides as well as 2 Soul Sand or Soul Soil blocks with 1 Coal Block in between for the middle.

Active Soul Swapper


A Charter is a claim, centered around the Charter Stone. Only Charter members can place or break blocks within its area of influence.

Charters start off with a square-shaped area of 64x64 blocks around the Charter Stone and full height. Players can be added as members by placing a Pact Vessel holding their contract within the range of the charter, also rendering them unable to hit the respective Charter owner.

But this claim has a cost: Over time, the Charter will require sacrifices in the form of Charter Vessels to avoid Soul Strain being applied to its members.

A Charter can only be destroyed by breaking the central Charter Stone.

Charter Stone Charter Stone

The Charter Stone is the heart of each Charter. Every player can only place down a single one of these - which will make them the owner of the newly created charter and apply Resistance 1 to them while near it - and only the owner dying near the Charter Stone can destroy it. Once a Charter Stone is destroyed it will lose its power, turn into a broken variant and break all of the Waystones of the same Charter.

Charter Stones are made using 6 Deepslate Tiles on the sides of the crafting grid and 2 Waystones with 1 Apex Focus in between.

Charter Stone

Apex Focus Apex Focus

The Apex Focus is a crafting ingredient for the Charter Stone. The only way to obtain one is by mining a broken Charter Stone.

In the current version it is recommended to use datapacks, custom commands or shops to make this content accessible as there is no default way to obtain charters yet!

Charter Vessel Charter Vessel

Charter Vessels can be placed within the range of a Charter Stone to prevent the members of the respective Charter to get the Soul Strain effect.

Charter Vessel Recipe

Waystone Waystone

Waystones can increase the size of a Charter if placed within its range. Its area of influence is a square of 32x32 blocks and full height. It can be destroyed by killing a Charter member in its range, turning it into a mineable, broken variant.

They can be crafted by combining 8 Deepslate Tiles with 1 Ender Pearl.