Requiem Addons 


Pandemonium is the first-party “testing grounds” for Requiem. It includes features that are deemed too unpolished to fit in the main mod.

Current content

Wandering spirit

The Wandering Spirit is a new soul state that permanently has the effects of Penance II, Reclamation, and Emancipation. It can enter and leave other bodies as it wishes, but cannot make a human body on its own.

Removed content

The following sections describe content that has been removed from pandemonium as it has been integrated into the main mod.

Before v2.0.0

Changes to Requiem
  • Most living entities can be possessed. Notable exceptions are the Enderdragon, the Wither boss, and other players.
  • Players in their regular form can dissociate at any time, leaving a player shell behind.
Player shells

When a player dissociates from their regular body, they create a player shell. If that shell is possessed by another player, that player will gain the identity of the original player - see Impersonate for more information.

Items on inert shells can be added and removed like on armor stands.

Mod compatibility
  • Shells will keep Origins powers. If a shell is possessed by another player, that player’s origin will be changed to the shell’s.
  • Shells will keep Haema’s vampirism. If a shell is possessed by another player, that player will gain or lose vampirism based on the shell.
Special Item Uses

Pandemonium adds some special item uses for the newly possessable mobs.

Witch’s Brew Base

Witches can brew potions on the fly: when they are holding a water bottle, witches will automatically brew the potion they need to survive certain situations.

Admin Commands
  • /pandemonium shell
    • /pandemonium shell create [player]: creates a shell copying the targeted player’s data at the command’s location. If no player is specified, will copy the player who run the command.
    • /pandemonium shell split [players]: artificially splits one or more players as if they used the dissociate keybind.
    • /pandemonium shell identity set <profile> [shells]: sets the identity (name and skin) of one or more shells to the given profile.