About Us

Our current group of independent developers that help each other out:

Rat / doctor4t

Founder, Lead Designer, Artist

Mod idea powerhouse. Sometimes they're good too.


Founder, Lead Developer

A lazy cat who will code an atomic simulator for their coffeemaker if left alone with a keyboard.


Legacy Mod Supporter, Web Dev

Your nine stop shop for an old, outdated version of Minecraft!


Behind-the-Scenes Developer, Translator

Makes the code to help the development of mods and answers Rat's dumb questions. Pretty neat person overall.


Original Web Developer

Sleeps a lot. When awaken, like Cthulhu, he brings chaos to this earth.


Artist, Lore Guru

A lore fanatic that occasionally does textures.


Code Assistant

The guy with too many projects who just can't help being helpful.

Other Contributors

Cool folks who are also part of the extended family:


Proud Pride Contributor


Sadistic Add-On Maker


Regular Translator

Former Contributors

Great people who retired after helping us out a bunch:

Absolem Jackdaw

Former maintainer of Illuminations For Forge

No idea for the bulb


Contributor to Dissolution

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