Soul Effects 

Soul effects are special status effects that are bound to your very self. They are kept with you when leaving a body, and cannot be cleared through normal means.

Emancipation IconEmancipation

The Emancipation Soul Effect is the key to the Requiem gameplay as it allows remnant players to leave their body without having to die, avoiding Attrition and an unnecessary loss of hosts. While under this Effect, players can use the Dissociation key to leave any mob they are possessing. If used to dissociate as a regular player, you will leave behind a player shell.

Emancipation Effect

Reclamation IconReclamation

Reclamation lets you slowly cure Attrition without having to change bodies. Each time the effect’s timer runs out, the level of Reclamation is subtracted from the level of Attrition.

For example, if a level 2 Reclamation effect runs out, your Attrition level will decrease by 2 levels.

Reclamation Effect

Penance IconPenance

Penance is an effect that brings your soul away from the physical plane. At level I, it prevents you from curing yourself. At level II, it also separates you from your human shell. At level III, it prevents you from getting a physical body entirely.

Penance Effect

Attrition IconAttrition

Attrition is primarily gained through the deaths of your bodies. As your ethereal self gets afflicted with stronger attrition, your hosts will become weaker and weaker, as each level will decrease your host’s health by 20%, capped at level IV with an 80% decrease in health. Attrition does not run out in mob hosts. Instead, to get rid of Attrition you can either get yourself a player body, instantly removing the Attrition on cure, or use the Reclamation Soul Effect.

Hardcore Mode

In order to keep the Hardcore Mode challenging Attrition increases twice as quickly as usual, for example going from level 0 directly to level II. In addition to that, dying with a host under the Attrition IV effect will make you lose your world. Good luck!

Attrition Effect