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A Minecraft mod for the Quilt Mod Loader, adding new creeper mechanics based on the theory of them being plants.


Creeperlingsā€™ Appearance

This mod changes the usual Creeper explosion from blowing up your world to infesting it! Creeper explosions will cast the ā€œCreeper Sporesā€ effect on all entities caught in the explosion. When this effect runs out, the affected entity is hit or dies there is a chance for a Creeperling to spawn.

Creeper Spores Effect

In Addition to that, Creeperlings can also spawn instead of normal Creepers on the surface with a chance of 20%.

In Creative Mode, clicking an adult Creeper or a Creeperling with a Creeper Spawn Egg will summon a Creeperling as with most other mobs.


Creeperlingsā€™ Attributes

Creeperlings have only half the health of a normal Creeper and are, just as them, scared of Cats and Ocelots. However they will also flee from the player.

Since Creepers are considered plants in this mod, both adult Creepers and Creeperlings take double the fire damage, Creeperlings need sunlight to grow up and can be bonemealed to speed up their growing. They will also be tempted to bonemeal and follow you around when holding it. When fed with bonemeal they will trust the player and stop fleeing from it, meaning that they can be kept as pets as long as you keep them from growing up!

Creeperling Growing


There are currently 2 Gamerules to configure your experience with this mod:

creeper-spores:creeperGrief can be set to:

  • charged: Only charged Creepers destroy terrain. This is the default setting.
  • never: Creepers can not destroy terrain under any circumstances.
  • vanilla: Creepers will destroy terrain just as usual.

creeper-spores:creeperReplaceChance is used to configure the rate at which Creepers are replaced with Creeperlings when naturally spawning.


Can I include this mod in a modpack?

Yes, you can. Go ahead, donā€™t bother asking. Please however provide credit and a link to both the GitHub repository and CurseForge project page.

Will you be making a Forge version? Does a Forge version exist?

No, we will not be making a Forge version of this mod. We do welcome third-party ports however, so feel free to come chat with us about it if you feel like doing one.

Creeper Spores Effect