Gameplay Mechanics 

First Death

Upon dying for the first time in a world, a dialogue will be prompted to the player. In this menu, the player can select whether or not they want to become a demon, and activate the mod for themselves or not. After choosing, the player obtains the “A Devilish Conundrum” and the dialogue will not be prompted anymore. However, the player can still change their mind by using the Mortician’s conversion trade at a later time.

Death Dialogue

Hardcore Mode

In order to keep the challenge of Hardcore mode, this dialogue will not appear. Instead, you will have to use the Mortician to become a remnant.

Origins Compatibility

With the Origins mod installed, the choice is made through its selection screen when first joining the world. This does not replace the actual origin choice, players choose both a soul type and an origin.

Soul State

If the player is a demon and dies, their demon soul dissociates from the host and escapes the destroyed body.

Later, this dissociation process can be done using the corresponding keybind ( “,” by default) if the player has the Emancipation Soul Effect, leaving behind the body without killing it.

Golems can also be dissociated from at any given time.

While dissociated, the player has creative flight and night vision, can glide through the air (similarly to how a player would swim) and phase through most blocks.

In order to phase, the player must walk into the wall they want to phase through for a few seconds. Then, soul particles will appear and the player can enter the phasing state, slowly moving through solid blocks. While phasing, mobs will be highlighted to guarantee orientation and make finding hosts a lot easier.

Once a host is found, it can be possessed by clicking it (a soul icon should render upon placing the cursor on an entity).

Soul State and Phasing

Remnant players can only possess soulless mobs! Some mobs are soulless by default, such as undead mobs and golems. Others, like pigs, goats or axolotls must have their soul removed before they can be possessed. This is done using the Soul Vessel.

The list of soulless Vanilla Minecraft mobs is as follows:

  • Undead Mobs
    • Skeleton
    • Stray
    • Wither Skeleton
    • Skeleton Horse

    • Zombie
    • Drowned
    • Husk
    • Zombie Villager
    • Zombified Piglin
    • Zombie Horse
    • Zoglins
  • Golems
    • Iron Golem
    • Snow Golem
    • Shulker

Zombie Possession

Body Transformation after Death

In some cases, the player’s body might transform after death, giving birth to an undead creature. In those few situations, the player’s soul is not expelled from the dying body and keeps full control and inventory of it.

The list of events that lead to a body transformation after death is as follows:

  • Dying from a Zombie or a Drowned while in the dark will turn the player into a Zombie
  • Dying in lava while being in the Nether will turn the player into a Wither Skeleton
  • Dying from suffocation by sand will turn the player into a Husk
  • Drowning in an ocean far enough from the surface will turn the player into a Drowned
    • As Vanilla game behavior guarantees, staying too long underwater as a Zombie will turn the player into a Drowned

Becoming Human Again

To recover their humanity and get rid of their rotting body, an undead player has to go through the purification process every Zombie Villager must. By getting the Weakness effect, undead players are able to eat Golden Apples. After eating the Golden Apple, the weakness will turn into strength. As soon as the strength runs out, the player turns back into human form. This process can even be done by others, similar to how players can cure Zombie Villagers.

Note that only humanoid undead can be converted to player bodies.

There are also some special conversions for certain mobs:

  • Zombie Villagers will turn into Villagers after being cured. These Villagers will be possessable without the need of removing their soul.
  • Zombified Piglins will turn into Piglins or Piglin Brutes, depending on their previous life. Cured Piglins won’t zombify in the Overworld.