Mob Attributes

After finding a new host or transforming after death, the player is forced to play as a mob. Possessor players behave very similarly to their mobs, meaning they have both their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the player’s inventory size may vary depending on the possessed mob and undead mobs have a slightly better vision in the dark.

Possessed mobs

  • Are generally slower than human players.
  • Do not naturally regenerate health. Please read the Special item uses section for information on how to heal in other ways.
  • Do not have the strength to swing their sword in a manner to do area damage.
  • Can not sleep with the exception of Villagers, Cats and Foxes.

Additionally, any passive behaviour from the possessed mob will be preserved, for example

  • Endermen teleport randomly in sunlight and take damage from water and rain
  • Undead mobs burn in sunlight
  • Axolotls can play dead, Goats can ram mobs
  • Pillagers can ride Ravagers, Zombified Piglins can ride Striders

Pillager riding Ravager

Mob Interactions

Possession Detection

Even while possessing other mobs, some aggressive mobs might become suspicious of you and attack you if you move too close.

This Mechanic can be configured using gamerules.


Trying to possess Endermen without removing their soul first will make them teleport, dragging the player with them.

Loot Mechanics

Possessed mobs also do not receive any experience from combat and won’t be able to obtain rare drops like Spider Eyes or Blaze Rods. To bypass that problem, Humanity I books can be found in Nether Fortresses and upgraded to Humanity II by a Mortician.

Humanity I-enchanted swords allow players to get the rarer drops,

Humanity II allows for the usual experience gain.


Some mobs do have a hunger bar when possessed, letting them regenerate more easily, but have some eating restrictions.

  • Regular Villagers are vegetarian, and cannot eat any meat.
  • Illagers are carnist, and can only eat stuff with meat in it.
  • Witches are weirdly picky, and will only eat stuff no one reasonable would. Also mushrooms.
  • All the above can also eat baked goods like bread and pumpkin pies.
  • Piglins can only eat pork and golden food.

Witch Diet

Special Item Mechanics

Depending on the undead possessed, the player may be able to use items differently from how they would if they were human. To ensure a balanced game, these item uses have varying cooldowns.

Raw meat (“Zombie Snack”)

Raw meat can be eaten by Zombie players (all sub-types included) to regenerate health. A piece of meat regenerates as much health as it would recover food for a human player.

Raw fish (“Drowned Delicacy”)

Raw fish can be eaten by Drowned exclusively, and serves the same purpose raw meat does.

Bones (“Bony Prosthesis”)

Skeletons (all sub-types included) can replace their damaged bones by new ones. To do so, just use a bone and it will regenerate 4 health points (2 hearts).

If Wither Skeletons use this practice, they will slowly turn into regular Skeletons and have a 1/5 chance on leaving their head to the player when doing so. The amount of bones needed for this conversion depends on the difficulty.

Milk buckets (“Calcium Goodness”)

Skeletons (all sub-types included) can drink milk for extra bone resistance. Drinking a milk bucket grants the player Resistance for 30 seconds.

Bows (“Skeletal Efficiency”)

Using a bow as a Skeleton (all sub-types included) has a chance to not consume an arrow when shooting. This ability only applies to regular arrows. Resulting arrows are not recoverable.

Crossbows (“Bolt Hoarder”)

Using a crossbow as a piglin or a pillager has a chance to not consume ammunition when shooting. This ability applies to all kinds of crossbow ammunition, but with a lower chance than that of Skeletal Efficiency. Resulting arrows are not recoverable.

Tridents (“Drowned Grip”)

Throwing a trident as a Drowned has a chance to keep it in hand and duplicate it. Resulting tridents are not recoverable.

Water Bottles (“Witch’s Brew Base”)

Witches can brew potions on the fly by holding a water bottle. The resulting potion, produced automatically in dangerous situations, depends on the apparent danger.


Foxes can eat berries to regain some health.

Inactive Item Mechanics

Ammo Generation

This ability, not being assigned to any entity by default, completely removes the need for ammunition.

Totem of SkeletonizationsTotem of Skeletonization

This variant of the Totem of Undying will revive you as a Skeleton once you die. It must be held just like the Totem of Undying and works independent of hosts.

The Totem of Skeletonization is currently unobtainable.