User Installation

Installation (for users)  

It is normally not required for users to install Cardinal Components API, as mods should bundle it with their own releases. If a built jar is still needed, either because a mod did not bundle it or because a newer version than bundled is required (eg. critical bugfix), there are 3 main ways of obtaining it.


Cardinal Components is available on Modrinth and can be downloaded or added to a modpack like any other mod.


Cardinal Components is also available on Curseforge. If you are a mod developer, you may want to link to that page by declaring Cardinal Components as an embedded library of your mod.

Github releases

Built jars can be found for every version in the Releases tab on GitHub. Just find the version you need, then click on the Cardinal-Components-API-<VERSION> link in the assets drop-down.

Guide to download from github

CCA Dev Wiki