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Pick Your Poison is a Minecraft fabric mod bringing poison dart frogs and 6 new effects to the game!

Poison Dart Frogs

Poison Dart Frogs can be found spawning in 7 different types in the various jungle variants. They can be picked up by using a bowl on them and will give the player their respective effect when hit or licked.

Licking a Poison Dart Frog can be done by “eating” the picked up version and will not consume the frog. You can not lick a Poison Dart Frog while you have its effect and the frogs themselves are immune to their effects.

Putting a picked up Poison Dart Frog back down requires sneaking while right-clicking.


Pick Your Poison features 2 special advancements:

  • Taste Test - Lick a poison dart frog in a bowl

    Taste Test Advancement

  • Taste The Rainbow - Wait… Those aren’t Skittles! (Have all poison dart frog effects at a time, does not include the Luxalamander)

    Taste The Rainbow Advancement

Poison Dart Frog types

Blue Poison Dart Frog Blue

Blue Poison Dart Frogs give the Comatose effect for 20 seconds.


Comatose renders the player unable to see or do anything, including pausing the game or opening the inventory until the effect runs out or the player is attacked.

Being a regenerative sleep however, Comatose will cause the player to gain back some health while under the effect. Additionally, the first damage received by a comatosed player will be negated.

Comatose effect

Golden Poison Dart Frog Golden

Golden Poison Dart Frogs will apply the Batrachotoxin effect for 30 seconds.


Batrachotoxin is a stronger version of the vanilla poison, ignoring armor enchantments such as protection.

Batrachotoxin effect

Green Poison Dart Frog Green

Green Poison Dart Frogs apply the Numbness effect for 20 seconds.


Numbness prevents the player from taking any damage while the effect lasts. Instead, the damage is applied all at once as soon as the effect runs out. This cannot be bypassed using milk or commands.

Numbness effect

Orange Poison Dart Frog Orange

Orange Poison Dart Frogs will give the Vulnerability effect for 30 seconds.


Being the counterpart to Resistance, players will suffer increased damage while under the Vulnerability effect.

Vulnerability effect

Crimson Poison Dart Frog Crimson

Crimson Poison Dart Frogs give the Torpor effect for 30 seconds.


Torpor blocks all health regeneration but slowly refills the hunger bar while the effect lasts.

Torpor effect

Red Poison Dart Frog Red

Red Poison Dart Frogs will apply the Stimulation effect for 20 seconds.


Stimulation gives a speed boost and removes the limit of only being able to sprint with 3 or more hunger points. Instead, losing hunger while having the Stimulation effect will result in taking damage. Players will take 1 heart of damage each time half a hunger point is lost.

Stimulation effect

Luxalamander Luxalamander

The Luxalamander is a rare frog type appearing only once in 100 spawns and referencing the main texture artist for this mod, Luxintrus. Licking or hitting this Poison Dart Frog will anger it into punching your eyes and inflict Blindness for 1 minute. For some mysterious reason, the Blindness effect can also be applied to a poison dart.

Rana Frog Rana Frog

The Rana Frog is a special frog type only obtainable by renaming another Poison Dart Frog to “Rana” using a Name Tag. It does not have a poison and no Throwing Darts can be coated using this frog. Also note it can not be converted back to a normal Poison Dart Frog.

Throwing Darts

Throwing Darts can be crafted in a bunch of 4 using 1 Iron Nugget, 1 Bamboo and 1 Feather. They can be stacked and thrown by hand, dealing as much damage and knockback as a fist punch. When used on a placed down frog they will be imbued with the respective poison, applying it to hit targets for a few seconds. Imbued Poison Darts are not stackable.

Throwing Darts

Poison Darts

Comatose Dart

Batrachotoxin Dart

Numbness Dart

Vulnerability Dart

Torpor Dart

Blindness Dart

Stimulation Dart

Supporter Features

Players that support the mod can wear the Poison Dart Frog bowls on their head to display the respective frog type. Consider installing the Trinkets mod for an additional slot. More info can be found here.

Frog Cosmetic