Lumen adds fireflies, glowing insects and other light orbs to the world in order to add more ambience and liveliness to your world both at night and in low light areas. You can also interract with them, mainly by capturing them into glass jars and releasing them where you wish to, to make for instance terrariums filled with magical lights. The use of Albedo is recommended, although not compulsory.



Going out during night time, fireflies are the most common light orbs you will encounter. They tend to appear in wet and forest biomes, move in swarms, and are attracted by light.

Lightning bugs

Lightning bugs are a type of firefly that prefers to go out during stormy nights. They produce a pretty bioluminescent cyan light.

Psi fireflies

Appearing in the end and magical biomes, the psi firefly is a breed of firefly that adapted to its magicka filled environment and developed a bioluminescent purple emission.


If you stumble across some in the Nether, do not approach them too much as they may burn you if you end up touching them.

Will o' Wisps

Magical flames that come out in swamps during night.


Mystical entities that come out in plains during night.


Companions are light orbs that follow you around, while lighting up their surroundings. The current available companion orb is the solar orb, which you can get by crafting a scorching flint.