Gaspunk is a mod that adds smoke, gas and vapour grenades to Minecraft. These grenades have various uses and properties, ranging from view blocking coloured smoke to deadly invisible Sarin gas. Although it can be used against monsters and entities, its main focus is to add some spiciness to Minecraft PvP.

Getting started

To craft gases you will need to own a brewing stand first, in which you can put water bottles as the base. In order to craft gases, the mod also adds a few alchemical ingredients, that are listed further down below. When you finally have a viable gas bottle, you will need to combine it with a diffuser, that can be shapelessly crafted with a redstone dust, a slime ball, an iron ingot and a leather piece; doing this will result in obtaining a usable grenade. Grenades can be thrown by right-clicking, and alternatively cooked by holding it; cooking it long enough result in the cloud sticking to you. When inside a gas cloud, you will have an air bar that gradually depletes, until you breath that gas.

Gases and ingredients

Smoke (and smoke powder)

Smoke powder is the ingredient necessary for crafting smoke grenades, and can be obtained by blending sugar and gunpowder together. This will result in a smoke grenade, that has no effect aside from making a cloud that can block your view. Smoke can also be colored by brewing any dye into a smoke bottle.

Choke smoke (and foul ash)

Foul ash is required to brew choke smoke grenades. It can be obtained by smelting zombie flesh (or alternatively nether wart). The use of choke smoke grenades results in an ash cloud that blocks the view and penetrates lungs, therefore damaging any living entity breathing it.

Tear gas

Tear gas is obtained from brewing a fermented spider eye into a smoke bottle. It will gradually degrade the sight of any player when they stay inside the gas cloud.

Healing vapor

Brewing a tear gas into a smoke bottle will result in a healing vapor bottle. When the grenade is used, it will generate a medical healing cloud, that grants a regeneartion effect to any entity staying inside.

Mustard gas (and sulfur)

Sulfur is the main ingredient for mustard gas, and can be sometimes found in nether fortresses chests. Mustard gas is a powerful gas that will damage both your eyes and your lungs, with a higher toxcity than tear gas and choke smoke combined.


Sarin is potentially one the most lethal gases ever created by mankind: it is invisible, odorless, and even breathing an infinitesimal dose can be deadly. In this mod, you can manufactre your own homemade GB Agent by using a poisonous potato and a water bottle. Please note that because of its nature, you will automatically breath Sarin; however, sneaking will hold your breath, which can be useful if you know a Sarin cloud is near you.


Gas mask

If you wish to survive the possible gas attacks, a gas mask is going to be a must have in your inventory. It will allow you to go through gases without having to concern about their toxicity. It will as well grant the armor rating of a leather helmet.

Grenade belt

If you happen to have Baubles in your mod list, you can craft and equip a belt that will increase your grenade stacking count from one to four of the same type. 


Some gas effects will stay after the player has left the gassed area. The syringe can be used to quickly diagnose these current active gas effects.

Empty grenade

When a grenade has finished diffusing its content, you can pick it back up and disassemble it back into a diffuser and an empty bottle.

Custom gases

If you are a modpack maker and you want to add your own gases or recipes, you can ! All you need is a handful of json files in the mod's config folder. Most of the information you need is  on this page.